North Jersey Yoga

More and more, companies are trying to make the workplace a healthier place to be by providing onsite amenities, such as yoga classes. The addition of mind-body programs like yoga on company grounds can help employees improve their productivity and mental clarity while reducing the number of their sick days.  

North Jersey Yoga is happy to help you get started in offering corporate yoga services to your employees today.  We have over 3 years experience in providing yoga in the corporate environment.  

Corporate yoga services from NJY are fully insured.

Call us today to set up an appointment.  You provide the space, we provide the rest.

Yoga at Work practices can provide numerous benefits including:

  • teaches individual stress management
  • improves the immune system and overall health, resulting in decreased absenteeism and sickness levels
  • enhances teamwork and team building activities
  • increases productivity, motivation, and work performance
  • improves decision making and creativity
  • increases energy, mental alertness, and clarity
  • improves stamina
  • improves morale, job satisfaction, and positive thinking patterns
  • improves memory, focus and concentration
  • reduces muscle tension and pain due to sedentary working positions
  • improves flexibility and physical strength
  • improves breathing
  • decreases headaches
  • improves confidence